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It's a very difficult thing to write 'something' about yourself. I would like to be as natural as I can, however I would like to show my best at the same time. To put together these two purpose I decided to be simply very honest.


I started to build websites when I was 14. Actually there was a homework in secondary school to create a site about something famous in our town. The process of writing the neccessary HTML and CSS code for this was someting like playing with LEGO - and this is how it feels today as well. I just simply like it. There was an aspect where my work differed from the work of my classmates, I spent much time to make my site aesthetic. I have an instinctive motivation to create not just usable but visually pleasant products as well.


Although my studies at Eötvös Loránd University were mainly focused on back-end development, my interest of graphic design and front-end development never reduced. Since I graduated I spend as much time as I can with creating art works either in photography and in graphic or web design. The process of creation gives me the FLOW experience all the time and makes me free and happy.


I like the new renaissance of simplicity in design trends. I'm trying to incorporate the traditions and the abstraction into something clean, clear, comprehensible and usable. I love typography, it's amaze me how 'simple' letters can give an awesome look for any design work.


I'm trying to always get on with the latest technologies but I'm not the fan of using too much elements on a website. I'm a committed follower of responsive web design since I've heard about it. There's no websites which can be built only for desktop screens nowadays. That's just unthinkable for me. But it's true for every kind of design I make, as nearly everything needs to be adaptive for several type of media. That's what I keep in mind when I design logos, websites or anything else.

I you like my portfolio and my principles of design, feel free to contact me anytime!